Donate real estate today.

Your real estate matters to you.

Make it matter beyond you.

We are all about taking giving to the next level... beyond.

Financial benefits

Donating real estate property can have greater financial benefits than selling your property and donating the proceeds. You can take full-advantage of tax benefits.

stress-free process

Save time and effort on things like property renovations, finding a buyer, and navigating a sale by donating your real estate and letting us accomplish your goal!

Why donate real estate?

impact those in need

Your property donation can help orphans, illiterate teens, villages without clean water, and prevent human slavery around the world.

Leave a legacy

Whether you want to leave a legacy for yourself or for a loved one who has passed you can do that by donating unneeded real estate to help hurting people around the world.

91% of all assets are non-cash.

People give out of the 9% cash they do have. Make a difference today with the 91% you will ultimately have to liquidate by donating real estate.

Donating real estate can...

Jesus Well

Provide Clean Water

Through Mercy Inc.

Teach the Illiterate

Through Bridge to Reading Literacy

Relieve Disaster Victims

Through Mercy Inc.

Does this sound like you?

We are here to help


My family member passed away and I inherited their property. I want to leave a legacy on their behalf by donating the real estate.

I have real estate that I no longer use or need… How do I donate my property?


My kids don’t want my home when I pass. I would like to leave my home to a charity. How do I donate real estate to a charity?

Why DonateBeyond?

Experienced Team

Our team is made up of licensed real estate brokers, land developers, and business professionals who are experienced and ready to come alongside you in your real estate donation.

Credible Charities

Your property donation goes to one of our qualified charities, which are accredited 501-3c non-profit organizations that focus on transforming people’s lives in hurting, poverty-stricken areas of the world.

Above and Beyond Service

Our goal is to help you go above and beyond in your generosity by going above and beyond in our service to you! We are here to walk alongside you in your property donation.

1. Request a free consultation

To get started fill out our contact form or call us directly to get connected with one of our advisors.

2. Review your options

Review your options, including tax implications and potential charitable projects, with your DonateBeyond advisor.

3. Donate your real estate

When you make a property donation, DonateBeyond will facilitate the entire transaction easily and efficiently.

Customers reviews

What people say?

DonateBeyond is a team made up of experts who genuinely care about their client.
Taylor Logsdon
DonateBeyond PArtner
DonateBeyond gets the job effectively and quickly. I definitely recommend.
Tom S.
DonateBeyond Client

Types of Real Estate Donations


Farm ground is probably the highest appreciated property on the planet. Who will farm it when you can’t? Donate your property today.


Don't need your commercial property anymore? Donate your real estate and leave a memorable legacy.


Our younger generations have moved on. Will your children even want your vacation home? Impact lives by donating your property today.

Our Team

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