Teach the Illiterate

Bridge to Reading Literacy empowers local churches to provide tutoring in reading, writing, and basic mathematics to teens and adults in the community.


1 in 5 adults worldwide cannot read or write. Not being able to read and write can truly make a person feel imprisoned in many ways. They experience isolation, low self-esteem, unemployment, low income, and many dangers related to the inability to read essential information. In addition, the higher number of illiterate individuals in a society, the slower the overall long-term GDP growth rate is.


One Mission Society’s ministry, Bridge to Reading Literacy, teaches adults to read the language they speak. The volunteer tutors are trained to teach reading, writing, and basic math in their local churches in the Central African Republic, Burundi, Democratic Republic of the Congo (Africa), and in Colombia (South America).



Using interactive training, Bridge to Reading teaches volunteers how to offer tutoring in reading, writing, and basic mathematics.


This training is based on ProLiteracy International’s Principles for Effective Training. A core principle of this training is the concept of student-centered instruction rather than teacher-centered instruction. Through Bridge to Reading, students are now able to comprehend their personal mail, the Bible, health documents, and directions. They will learn to do basic mathematics and read to their children.

Want to donate your real estate to help teach the illiterate how to read and write in their spoken language?

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