How devastating can a national disaster be?

In Bangladesh, they experience devastating flooding annually. This small nation geographically has a population of 166 million people in an area less than the state of Alabama. The United States population is 328 million ( 

Just think, that’s 50 percent of the United States population living within the borders of Alabama!

We’ve been to Bangladesh and seen those living in cardboard boxes, wooden shelters, and other make-shift housing within three feet of the road we are traveling on.

We cannot build 36.88 million homes in Bangladesh (average household 4.5 individuals), but we can fund small business through micro-credit programs for women. When a woman is loaned the resources to start a business, the entire family potentially becomes employed.

Historically, 92 percent of the loans have been repaid. Based on available resources, consideration is then given to expand, employ others, or start another business. It allows recipients to then have self-esteem, put in extra effort, and receive results that change daily income for everyone in the family, which is an example to others in their community to better their lives.

Be an intercessor- help DonateBeyond support national partners in Bangladesh to make a difference for families in need, needs that go beyond housing and food.

Your real estate donation will give a family the opportunity to be a productive unit for generations to come.