Medellín, Colombia, known as the city of eternal spring, has year-round temperatures everyone dreams of, but perhaps, temperatures are not the best qualifier for choosing a place to live.


In the 1990s, Medellín had the highest death rate per capita in the world due to drugs and drug wars.


After visiting different ministries in the city and region, we were returning home one evening a little after 10 p.m. when we encountered a road block with a large truck and a visible machine gun zeroed in on us in the back. It was a car stopper, let me assure you! We were so stressed. But in the end, we were allowed to move on. We all hope this will never be a situation we experience in the United States. 


DonateBeyond believes we can make a difference in lives in places like Medellín. It can be a slow process, but one organization we support has been there since 1943. They have seen a major shift in Colombia over these past 76 years– lives restored, restoration of relationships, forgiveness of wrong doings, and encouragement for a coming day. Due to the work of this organization and many others, the overall crime rate in Colombia has decreased over the past couple decades.


Whether our partners are working with children and youth through soccer leagues, restoring juvenile delinquents on an avocado farm, sharing God’s love in the prisons where murderers are now housed, teaching business techniques, or building relationships, making a difference has been achieved.


Would you help DonateBeyond continue to make a difference, like in Colombia, where things have literally changed for the betterment of their population? Medellín and the nation of Colombia are different today because of the work of the organizations we have partnered with and believe are difference makers.


Simply donating your real estate can not only benefit you, but also transform nations in need, like Colombia. CONNECT WITH A REAL ESTATE DONATION ADVISOR TO GET STARTED TODAY…

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