Boaz Project is a bridge to orphan care between those who want to help neglected children and orphans.


Children across the globe are left neglected and abandoned with no secure place to call home. Boaz Project exists to change that.


For nearly two decades now, The Boaz Project has been building a community of compassionate people like you to help children like neglected children. People who want to roll up their sleeves and take action on behalf of children who otherwise may have no voice.


As a result, hundreds of children have been given the security of a place to live and loving adults to take care of them. Hundreds have been held and nurtured as infants when they would have been left to lie indefinitely in cribs. Many have received medical care for which they would have been passed over. And thousands have heard the good news—that they are loved by their Heavenly Father.


Boaz Project helps bridge caregivers with orphans by offering the following…

Practical ways caregivers can assist orphans without boarding a plane

Special opportunities to visit orphans on short-term mission trips and share God’s love with them

Fun options for sharing the needs of orphans with others

Inspirational stories of God at work on behalf of orphans

Access to a wonderful community of compassionate people who share your desire to help orphans

Want to donate your real estate to help orphans have a place to call home?

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