• Significant tax savings
    You may be able to deduct the full appraised value of the property from your tax bill.


  • Save time, energy and money
    No renovations, transaction fees or long listing timeframes.


  • Expert guidance from end-to-end
    DonateBeyond’s team can facilitate a transaction quickly and with minimal effort on your part.


  • Support an important cause
    Your property will have a lasting impact on the less fortunate around the globe.

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How the Process Works

1. Talk with our team of advisors about your property and goals.

We offer a no-obligation assessment of your asset and can help you determine if a donation is the right step for you.

2. Independent property appraisal and review


An independent assessor will value your property, and we will work with your tax planner to determine tax implications of a donation.

3. Donation Completed


We complete the transaction quickly and efficiently.

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