2020 Marketing Update

In efforts to increase the awareness of and engagement of DonateBeyond, our team has been busy implementing new marketing endeavors. As an invested person in DonateBeyond, we thought you might benefit from reading this 2020 DonateBeyond Marketing Update.

2019 Marketing Projects:

  • Complete website redesign (overall increased website engagement)
  • Ran Google AdWord campaign from __ to __ (generated __ leads)
  • Ran Facebook ads from ___ to ___ (generated __ leads)
  • Ran email campaign from __ to __ (resulting in ___ conversions)

Overall, there were ___ leads and ___ completed real estate donations in 2019.

Current 2020 Marketing Projects:

  • Two explainer videos completed; one explains our internal strategy and the other explains DonateBeyond as a whole. (You can find both videos on our About page… www.DonateBeyond.org/About)
  • Publishing consistent, organic Facebook posts with the goal to engage current followers and build deeper relationships
  • Running a 12-month email campaign to further engage leads
  • Optimizing website content and back-end data to rank higher on organic Google search results (SEO)

While much of 2019 was spent gaining new leads, the marketing strategy for 2020 will take on a more organic approach, engaging current leads with relevant, helpful content and building deeper relationships, founded upon trust and expertise.

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